Farm to Table Initiative

With the majority of our immigrant clients being farmers from their  home countries, leading self-sufficient lives means having the ability to resume their experience and skills as farmers.

PGC leases over 200 acres of agricultural land on Oahu, Big Island, and Maui to immigrant and disadvantaged local farmers who are now producing fresh produce  and contributing to Hawaii’s food security. They have successfully established outlets to sell produce to both large food distributors as well as local farmers’ markets.

PGC Farm products are available at Kunia Farmers' Market located at 92-1770 Kunia Road.  

For more info,  contact:

(Oahu) Nora:  or (808) 851-7010 

(Big Island) Deacon: 

Vegetable Produce

Our farmers and clients grow cucumbers, a variety of tomatoes, squash, beans, eggplant, okra, Thai chili peppers, and taro.

Fruit Produce

Not only do our clients grow bananas and avocados, they also make deliciously crispy banana chips that come in gift packages.